Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Do you expect to have a mid-life crisis, and, if so, what form will it take?

I like to think that I will not have a mid-life crisis. I like to think that I am too rational and level headed to react to whatever it is that spurs the midlife crisis.

Because, I think people have mid-life crises when they are not happy with the life that they have, when they react to the notion that *half* of their life--presumably their *better* half is over, believing that they are locked into the rest of their life and the only way out of this track is to do something drastic.

I am happy with the life that I have.

I am fundamentally conservative (in the lazy, let's not shake things up sense . . . NOT the political sense), so it would take something pretty bad going KABLOOEY in my head to make me do something mid-life crisisy and dramatic. And I don't anticipate something that bad happening to me. I'm a extremely lucky guy and if I keep my mind on that, then I'll be okay.


But that is a pretty boring answer, don't you agree?

Perhaps we can imagine what David's appropriate mid-life crisis might be?

Those of you who read my online life . . . please provide your best suggestion of what an appropriate mid-life crisis for me might be.

If I get multiple answers, I might consider having a mid-life crisis weekend (assuming that Lynda's okay with it, of course). But it can't be too expensive. If it is fun and dramatic, I might even try to get some of it filmed and provide the "Hangover"-like details (movie reference)?

If you'd like to see me attempt such a spectacle, the first thing YOU must do is comment and challenge me. Then it'll be up to me to turn you down and disappoint all six of you.



(But first, let me say "Well, that's my answer. Thanks for asking.")

Now . . . go!

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Anonymous said...

Make a list of things you've always wanted to do and then do them... sort of. If you always wanted to go to Paris, make some French meal, wear a beret, and learn something new about Paris.

"Meet" and "pick up" your wife at a bar. Go in ten minutes after her, introduce yourself, buy her a drink, and hit on her all night.