Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall TV summary

So, let's go back for a minute and assess what has been said about the Fall TV season that is currently rolling out.

I am not overwhelmed by too many of the new shows, but I tend to focus my attention towards specific genres. Reality shows aren't going to sway me very strongly and I instead focus on spy shows, bizarre sciences, and Abrams/Whedon projects. I am (in short) a myopic fan boy who isn't terribly interested in sampling many new flavors. (Sorry.) You may therefore set aside any recommendations and opinions I have.

Here's how I'll try to schedule my own TV watching on a weekly basis. 

Monday: I'll tape Chuck @ 8 and try to make sure the kids are in bed so I can watch HIMYM live @ 8:30.  When that is over, I'll watch Heroes @ 9. I'll probably give My Own Worst Enemy a try, but it might not last. If it flames out after a few weeks, then I'll use that 10 pm time slot to rewind the tape and watch the 8 pm episode of Chuck before I go to bed. It looks like Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicles is going to get missed out. Sorry, Fox . . . I'll make it up to you on Tuesday. NBC gets the bulk of my attention on this night.

Tuesday: If I could record two shows at once, then I guess I could use some of the vacancies on this night to watch T:TSCC. As it is, the only show I am currently going to make an effort for on this night is Fringe @ 9. (See, Fox, I said I'd do right by you. And I also promise that I'll pay even more attention to you when Dollhouse premieres in the winter.

Wednesday: ABC gets it's first look midweek at 8 pm when Pushing Daisies arrives in October. But, as with everything that begins at 8 pm, I'll have to tape it because I'm always busy getting the kids to bed. Luckily, I'm not going to worry about the Knight Rider show that competes with it at that time over on NBC. Even better . . . there is nothing else that I am worrying about watching on this night.

Thursday: When 2009 arrives, this is to be renamed LOST Night, but until then, I'll be recording and devoting a bit of my time to Smallville (8 pm)--as pathetic as I know that is. My love of LOST likely means that I'll continue to pay less attention to The Office and 30Rock. I know, I know . . . they are quality shows that deserve better. 

Friday/Saturday: I am unable to find anything worth watching on these nights. And the kids always watch a movie Friday night anyway. So, I'll give my eyes a break and read instead.

Sunday: If I watch anything on a regular basis on Sundays it'll be The Simpsons. I'll probably also watch some of whatever football game in on that night but just a quick check here and there. Given all the other TV I'll be watching on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I might be doing office work that night anyway.

I've got to earn money for the cable company somehow. . .

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