Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Closets & Doors

Sarah has been updating some of her room decorations, removing old pictures and putting up new ones. 

I noticed two new items posted on the door to her room.

This sign, in case you can't read it, says: "KEEP OUT!!! Sarah might be sick, sad, mad, tired, or sleeping. So you must NOT disterbe her if her door is closed. Knock and say yoor name and she will say If you can come in. Otherwise . . . STAY OUT!!!"

Fairly clear.

The other sign--

says: "RULES--There will be no Screaming, yelling, kicking, punching, hitting, running, disturbing, jumping on the bed, and no TOUCHING EACH OTHER!!!!! Otherwise have as much fun as you can!"

I have no adequate response to that.


In other news, I feel the need to apologize that I haven't blogged more. I know that I sometimes do this apology thing about not being committed enough and blah, blah. But it has dawned on me that the sheet number of things that I have set up as bloggable material make it very difficult for me to NOT blog on a fairly non-stop basis.

For example, if you have set up rules (as I have) that even your items of clothing are fair game for blog subject matter, then every day should be something new to discuss.

To that end, I offer this bit of clothing-related musings.

Is it freakish that I have organized my area of the closet in this way? Please someone tell me that I am not alone in this?! Though I will admit that my newest clothing idea might be a bit bizarre. You see, I am experimenting with the notion of rotating through my collared shirts from left to right. I wear a shirt and it gets dirty. But after it is washed, I hang it up on the extreme right end of the group. I pull my next collared shirt from the left side and so on. Therefore I avoid wearing the same shirt too frequently and maintain a consistent rotation of usage. I can, of course, make weather/temperature-related allowances and much make sure that I don't cluster together two shirts that are the same style but different color.



Finally tonight, an essay about being an editor and a writer by Mr. Brian Doyle. I am neither an editor nor a writer in the ways that Mr. Doyle describes, but his work is within the same solar system as mine . . . I think. I pass it along as a professional courtesy and hope you can enjoy its word play. (h/t to Cheryl Klein's Brooklyn Arden blog)


Anonymous said...

Does this system become void when clothing items intermingle in the laundry hamper or do you wash, dry and rehang the clothes daily? Just curious...

David said...

Because it is created by a human being (me), it is . . . unavoidably . . . a flawed system, subject to the Fallen nature of all human endeavors.

Therefore, I can't claim to have achieved 100 percent perfect rotation of the shirts. However, I think I am at least approximating a steady rotation of a weekly "pod" of shirts.

The newly washed pod is hung in the back of the line in whatever order suits me as I put them away. So, I am achieving an orderly rotation while interlacing it with a randomization that mixes things up nicely.

Thanks for asking!

Mama R. said...

Love that Doyle essay, David. Rejection sucks! Thanks for posting it.