Tuesday, September 09, 2008

CBS Fall TV Postponement

Well, my first week into my own personal Fall TV preview has not gone as smoothly as I had wished. I did manage to see the 2nd season premiere of Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicles last night and it seems not significantly different than last year's truncated season one. I think what I dislike most about the show (and I do like some things about it) is that is seems to devolve each week into set pieces of mayhem and violence where murderous robots smash up interior decorations, then go outside and smash up cars, and in the end everyone is all scarred up and bloody. Week after week of this type of things is pretty depressing. (But then, everything about the Terminator storyline--destructive future, no hope, rampant chaos--is depressing.)

So, I watched that.

Tonight I was going to watch Fox's new show Fringe. It was going to begin at 8 pm and I did manage to carve out the time to set the VCR programming to catch the episode--or so I thought. But I guess I didn't have time to double check things because I was quite busy most of the day. All of the family had been battling sicknesses and vomiting all weekend and most of us stayed home from work/school/daycare  yesterday to recuperate. So, today I went to work and was promptly called this morning to find out that Hannah was still spitting up. So, I swapped with Lynda at lunchtime and missed most chances to do any real work--though I did do a bit. But soon enough I did have to get Sarah and Grace from school and then I was overseeing four kids (my three plus the next-door-neighbor) and starting dinner plans. And then Lynda got home, but we found out that Sarah had forgotten her math book at school. So, she called our back-door neighbor (who's in Sarah's class) to see if we could borrow the book to complete the homework. Somehow this evolved into S. coming over to DO the aforementioned homework with Sarah and that became also eating dinner with us and pretty soon I had a semi-full-fledged playdate on my hands. (Remember that this is a WEEKnight.) And Lynda was soon to leave to attend the school curriculum night. So, I was AGAIN overseeing four kids after dinner--my three plus the back-door-neighbor. The homework took a long time to complete because Sarah and S. were giggling more than working, but I tried to get Hannah and Grace's baths completed in the meantime. AND Sarah had other homework to do after she was all done with math, and she wanted to show S. her room, and on and on and on.

Finally Order and the Usual Nightly Routine were semi-established. Hannah was asleep, Grace fell asleep, Sarah finished all of her work, Lynda returned, and I could go downstairs to watch the taped premiere of Fringe while drafting the CBS Fall TV preview.

But, wait! The VCR isn't working! Nothing is taping! Disaster! Cursing! Wailing! Misery!! (I'll have to wait until the premiere rebroadcast this Sunday night . . . but it's still a bummer.)

And now I'm tired and my eyes feel scratchy.

Sorry CBS, but you'll have to wait for one more night.

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