Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Titletown, USA--VALDOSTA??!!

In one of the more stunning upsets in sports today, my Tifton, Georgia hometown rival has been voted ESPN's Titletown, USA.

Valdosta (where Lynda spent most of her formative childhood years, incidentally) is home to two high schools. The city school (Valdosta HS) was a football power, beating everyone else regularly and providing the local moniker of "Winnersville." I was always more concerned with the county school Lowndes HS, because it was the rival band powerhouse--alongside my own Tift County Blue Devil Brigade. I didn't care what football team won--in fact, as a member of the band, I'd often be riding on the bus to an away game during a Friday night and I wouldn't even know where we were headed.

But, Valdosta has beaten out the likes of Green Bay Wisconsin (the original, pre-Internet "Titletown," Ann Arbor, Columbus, and so many other places besides. The full list of nominees can be read here.

I'd say congratulations to Valdosta, but my high school self won't let me.

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