Friday, July 11, 2008


Several years ago I wrote a brief (I thought humorous) piece about the random things that had accumulated in Lynda's purse. Lynda, I guess understandably, wasn't a big fan of the writing, but she's forgiven me about it.

So, the natural thing to do is to do it again, right?

Contents of Lynda's purse:

  1. makeup
  2. chap stick
  3. flash drive
  4. 3 hair clips (all belong to Sarah and Grace)
  5. Hannah's hospital band (Hannah is now almost six months old)
  6. ultrasound pictures of Hannah (These pictures are now over a year old)
  7. work identification card
  8. cell phone
  9. 6 crayons (from a restaurant visit that was not at all recent; this is a perk of having children . . . you never have to buy crayons again)
  10. nickel (The standard issue coin minted by the U.S. Treasury Department. Lynda is not holding onto a piece of the metal ore.)
  11. her key chain, plus a spare key to the car we sold last summer (She didn't remember she had it.)
  12. allergy medicines, nasal sprays, plus doctor's receipt from recent allergy test
  13. check stub
  14. blank checks and check register
  15. 2 obsolete grocery lists
  16. Lemon Twist Hand Cream
  17. many, many business cards, membership cards, old airline cards, and other obsolete cards of many varieties
  18. $$
  19. credit cards--which I kept from the camera's view in the small zippered pouch
  20. various bits of unidentifiable/uncategorizable trash
  21. Jr. Frosty coupon from a different visit to Wendy's.

But that isn't where I ended it. In the process of making a spectacle of myself, standing on chairs to better take overhead pictures of the purse stuff, Grace and Sarah saw what I was doing and informed me that they had purses as well. So . . .

Contents of Sarah's purse:
  1. Enormous pen, pencil, and two drawing markers
  2. Grocery list (the content of which are as follows: body lotion $5; milk $2; eggs $2; bacon $5; cereal $1)
  3. a sunshine design "wallet" with "dollar bills" inside
  4. a video-style iPod player
  5. what appears to be a graphing calculator
  6. a cell phone that is capable of playing a DVD

    Contents of Grace's purse:

    1. beaded necklace
    2. drawing makers
    3. 2 hair scrunchies
    4. Kim Possible brand communicator, which I presume is standing in for cell phone?
    5. video iPod, showing intricate map display (It's beside the plastic communicator. Who knew that the iPod was GPS capable? Perhaps Grace has the new iPhone G3?)
    6. paper fan (??)
    7. bottle of skin lotion
    8. wallet pouch
    9. multi-colored pen
    10. big flower blossom ring
    11. Cinderella coin pouch
    12. two other papers that I don't remember what they were for (I'm guessing that one of them was supposed to be a grocery list. The other one looks suspiciously like an actual print out of something that Lynda or I used, that got appropriated for the kid's use. If you can recognize it, chime in.)

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