Monday, January 14, 2008

Quick complaint

Just a quick note to say that my laptop is being repaired this week and therefore, I am without my weekly subscriptions of podcasts.

I'll be hopelessly behind with all of my arts & entertainment news, my sports headlines, my Harry Potter happenings, and my artful radio pieces. (It'll be just like a vacation or Christmas trip, but without the diversions of relatives and better weather to keep me occupied.)

Sure, I've got my 9 to 5 responsibilities, my children & wife, new books, and many thousands of songs to keep me occupied . . . but we live in a world where you never have to say no to anything.

(And, I can't post the video where the children praise my excellent homemade pretzels that were made on Saturday.)

Hopefully the laptop screen will be replaced by the end of this week--and at THAT price, it'd better be sparkling! It WOULD be "tied for the most expensive component on the machine" to closely paraphrase the Apple Store employee at the Genius Bar.


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