Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blogging right away, huh?

I am at home now, trying to get the kids ready for school. (We'll see if I can convince them . . . )

See here and here for the blow-by-blow (sort of) of yesterday's important events. I'll fill in the details as I get the time, but right now I'm running around pulling things together.

Since Hannah came about three weeks before we expected, we weren't exactly ready, but we were getting there.

I've got other stuff to do, so off I go.

Hannah Maria Martin says hello.


Anonymous said...

She's just adorable. Can't wait to see her in person.

lulu said...

Hooray for the Martin Five!

What's Hannah's middle name? (Please be "Hermione", please be "Hermione"...)


David said...

Sorry, Lulu, the middle name is Maria.

I did half-heartedly attempt to lobby for some Rowling-based name, but I knew that L. would NEVER go for it.

(But she can't stop me from using an "appropriate" nickname, eh?)

flipper said...

I LOVE the name Hannah Maria Martin! It's almost musical. Congrats, you guys! We're all so excited for you, and SO impressed by the blogging amidst chaos.

Always a good thing when the best parents in the world welcome another one! We'll see you soon.


lulu said...

Hannah Maria is a beautiful name for little Hermione!

Holly51 said...

She'll always be singing, or thinking, 'cause her initials are hmm.....