Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Falling short of The Leap

For some people, The Leap is a description of when an athlete "figures it out" and can play the game with ease and confidence. Usually this happens after a few years of professional exposure.

Since this blog usually has little to nothing to say about sports, you may have already guessed that my title reference to The Leap is NOT sports-related.

It was just pointed out to me by my cube neighbor that February 2008 is one of those fabled Leap Months that features a 29th day. Such days only occur every four years in a weird attempt to cram a calendrical system around the fact that the motions of the universe and the progress of the seasons don't march to the same rigid beat every single year.

I bring this up because my cube neighbor made me realize that Hannah might have had a chance to have a Leap Year Birthday by being born on the ephemeral 2/29.

However, I know that the due date is currently set at 2/13 and while I was wondering how cool it might be to share a birthday with a major holiday, I suddenly began salivating about the possibility of my daughter only having a REAL birthday every four years. Please note I am not hoping this turn of events would result in ONLY having birthday parties every four years, but rather the chronological oddity that all of this might cause.

Hannah could age much slower than the rest of us. It would always be good conversation for her at a party. She would be (superficially) distinctive in a way that most of us never get to experience. It's kind of like having a tattoo but avoiding the pain of the needles.

But, as I said, the doctor's stated due date is 2/13. There is not even a snowball's chance in hell that Lynda will need to/nor would wait an additional 16 days for such meaningless triviality. More's the pity, I guess.

Now I'm depressed when I didn't even know I should be depressed twenty minutes ago.


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