Sunday, August 19, 2007


Yep, it's more random stuff to finish out the weekend.

1. I think I've heard of this site before, but I didn't check it out until this weekend. Cover Browser can show you hundreds--maybe thousands--of comic book covers from all across the comic spectrum. While I am not a comic fanatic, I (like many American males) am certainly familiar with them. I've never collected comics, but I did buy some graphic novels back in college. (Everybody experiments in college, right?)

What I found particularly valuable about this site, however is not the amazing variety of comics you might choose to look at. Rather, it's some of the humorous categories that the webmaster has uncovered. For instance, did you know that Superman's identity has been revealed a shocking number of times . . . and in an increasingly ridiculous set of circumstances?

2. Do you remember the Coca-Cola "Happiness Factory" ad from the last Super Bowl? Well, there is a sequel to it now out that recently debuted in the Web-verse.

You can watch the entire 3 minute clip over on WWYG?! Omnimedia, but I've got to say that Coke must be the most powerful brand name in the world if they don't care about the message that this clip gives about the product in question.

The original "Happiness Factory" clip gave you the impression that the mysterious creatures living in the Coke machine were well meaning drones who only wanted to get you a cold Coke fast. The music was cheerful and everyone seemed pretty damned pleased with themselves. But, in this new advert-epic, when things go wrong, we get a more disturbing look in the depraved world of Coke creation.

First of all, by spending over three minutes in the world of Coke, we can clearly see that the mysterious beings that deliver the Coke are much creepier than they should be. What was once viewed as whimsical now appears to be grubby, slimy, nasty little of all shapes and sizes just galumphing around in the inner crevices of a vending machine.

It's supposed to be a quest to find the source of Coke or something, but I couldn't escape the feeling that as our hero ventures deeper and deeper into the center of the Cokeverse, things get scummier and dirtier. This is a product that you are pouring into MOUTHS, Coca-Cola company! Hygiene would seem to be of primary importance, no?

And, finally, PLEASE tell me why belching is the mysterious force that causes the willowy Coke tree to revive itself and begin juicing out the (now suspicious looking) brown Coke liquid. Gross!

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