Saturday, August 25, 2007

A few tweaks

I haven't adjusted my blog template since I made The Switch to the New Blogger.

But I couldn't resist making a few sidebar adjustments based on some items that I saw on another blog.

Over to your right is a new way to search my Archive of posts. Rather than have a list of the years, now it is formatted in a calendar. Each month's list of posts are provided by name below the calendar and you can see on the calendar itself what days I've posted on. If I've been particularly busy, lots of the squares will be highlighted in yellow. Each highlighted calendar square will take you to the post written on that day. You can access previous months either by selecting the month you want from the drop down menu above the calendar or by clicking on the Archive arrows below the calendar to step backwards on month at a time.

Below the calendar, my Label display has been adjusted into a Label cloud. In the past, my labels were simply a list of categories with a number showing how many of my posts fell into that particular label name. Now, the labels are displayed graphically, the size of the label representing the number of entries in that category.

(Thanks go to phydeaux3 for the html codes and helpful step-by-step instructions for how to make this happen.)

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