Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Embeddable Maps!

I just read that Google Maps has created a feature allowing bloggers to create maps and embed them into posts--much like you can currently do with YouTube videos.

That is awesome! And I would be beyond belief excited about it if I ever went on trips of any kind.

Imagine what fun I might have had if this feature had been available when Lynda and I took our trip to San Francisco a few years ago. Along with all of my posts about places we went, I could have provided maps of the spots, embedded even further with photos. I could have shown you our wanderings up and down the neighborhoods of western San Francisco, up and down Lombard Street, our bus trip to Golden Gate Park, etc.

Begin to prepare for the awesome posts I'll create a short eight years from now when Lynda and I go to Hawaii . . . or somewhere similar.

(Those of you blogging friends of mine that DO go on trips more frequently than I . . . I'm expecting great things from you on this front.)

You can read all about the details of the new feature here.

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