Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sarah's new book

My A B C's Book by Sarah Martin.
(Note how the author, presumably Sarah?, is sporting an "adult" professional hairdo. Also, she's wearing glasses, another sure sign of being older, right?)

"My friend gave me an A B C book one day."
(The friend, a boy, says "here" while the girl is clearly flummoxed by his boyness and his generosity. She can only manage to say "um." But look at the boy. He's clean cut, got a nice smile. Someone who should be no problem bringing home to mom and dad.)

"I guess I'll have it, I said."
(Well, okay says the girl. Great, says the boy. And the sun shines and it's a beautiful day.)

"So, when I got inside, I read some of it."
(Cool! Ha! says the girl. Keep reading, says the baby. Definitely, A is for Apple and B is for Bee is scintillating reading for everyone. It's such a great book that the infant has been compelled to learn to talk in order to best express its love of the book.)

"When it was suppertime, I was still reading."
(Be quiet! says the dad. Stop now! says the mom. Be shhh! says the baby. All of them show their displeasure with extremely downturned eyebrows that are v's of anger furrowing deep into the brow. But our reading hero is not to be deterred. Look at it, she says with an insane glee.)

"It was night time. She was still reading."
(The girl is oblivious to her bedroom and wants nothing but to wallow in the reading experience. I see it she says. But can't you see the box of stuffed animals, the bed, the teddy bear awaiting a hug? Can't you see anything but that which you desire the most?)

"Be quiet!" yelled her father. "But I still love you."
(Yes, it's true. It's love, but it's a tough love. Rules must be followed--even if it means the reading must stop. The brain may be willing, but the body will be weak unless it is given the sufficient amount of sleep. These things can be explained to the young girl, but can such a long explanation be shouted from the bottom of the stairs during a commercial break? Of course not. Tough love is tough for everyone, isn't it?)

(Yet another fabulous story that teaches us all that reading is fundamental and that fathers are mean.)

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Anonymous said...

Loved the story, but especially your comments. Could we say this is a biography (of dad) / autobiography (of Sarah)?