Monday, June 04, 2007

Sarah's dance recital

A few weekends ago, Sarah wrapped up her year of dance lessons by participating in a whiz bang recital downtown with the hundred of other kids that attend this dance studio.

I have put a few pictures that I took of Lynda and Grace in the audience while we were waiting for Sarah to perform. She was in the seventh group and she did her three minute performance within the first thirty minutes of the recital. Then we waited for the next two hours for the entire thing to finish. Sarah did a great job, but the rest of it wasn't as stimulating as I had hoped. I guess I'm not a fan of modern dance.

It's sad, too, because there were lots of interesting things to observe and comment on, if I had been more engaged in the entire process. But my blogging brain just wasn't into it.

One thing that I do remember was the most anomalous performance of the entire recital. It consisted of a group of teenage girls attempting (and I do mean attempting) to perform urban, hip hop dance styles. They did NOT do a good job, though I admit that I am far from being an expert--even though I do have Tone Loc on my iPod.

These girls didn't perform with the snap and energy that they did for every other type of dance shown--ballet, tap, jazz, whatever. It's clear that this studio doesn't cater to modern, urban dance styles and the kids are not trained in that direction. So, the whole thing just felt off, out of place, uncomfortable, and embarrassing.

(It makes me question the ENTIRE premise of that Julia Stiles movie, Save the Last Dance.)

You can view a short video of Sarah's Friday afternoon rehearsal over on WWYG?! Omnimedia.

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David said...

I should have completed my thought about the pictures that I took.

You can find them . . . and some newish photos . . . by clicking on my Flickr pictures on the sidebar below. (The one that is cycling pictures in and out.)