Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Fourth Birthday Grace

(Today is Grace's fourth birthday. She is four-years-old today!)

Congratulation to you Grace for achieving this milestone of growth. You are firmly entering that phase of life known as "kid." You aren't a baby any more (as you sometimes, and forcefully, remind us.) Indeed you are not a baby. You are very verbal, highly mobile, and absolutely able to speak your mind--things that babies don't do very well.

You are a very energetic kid, full of life and excitement. You aren't shy and are always willing to share your thoughts on things. One characteristic of yours that I truly love is your very expressive face. You don't know this (because you aren't always looking into a mirror) but you have many facial expressions that signal to us how you are feeling and what is important about what you are saying. In some ways you remind me of my cousin Karen. You are unique, but you have that "spunk" that she shows.

I am so proud that you love and respect your sister Sarah also. You look up to her now and follow her lead in many things (except for when you decide to dig in your heels and do what YOU want to do). She can (and has) taught you many things. Don't forget that she can be a good friend as well as a sister.

You are taking to your bike riding very well, which I am glad to see. I enjoy seeing that spark of confidence and pleasure in your eyes when you do something well and look for approval. I hope we let you know clearly how proud of you we are.

So, you are four-years-old today. I am very interested to see how you will continue to change as you grow. As I sometimes tell you when getting you in bed at night, you are my favorite Grace in all the world.

Happy Birthday! I love you,


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