Tuesday, February 06, 2007


= ?

In a stunning bit of "I don't believe what I just saw . . . !" I ran across this site reporting that the New York Times is trying to claim that the tenor and feeling of the Super Bowl ads were really a reflection of the country's attitudes towards Iraq and the nation's difficulties in resolving the morass therein.

Yeah . . .

. . . huh?

Well, anyway, the original post in which I saw this thesis can be read here.

Or you can go to the NYT source and read it for yourself.

(I would recommend you go to the first link for the funny stuff and then go to the second link to make your own informed decision. Either way, you'll be treated to awesome pictures of an UltraMan-like figure kickin' butt in a way that the U.S. military has yet been able to accomplish--NOT that I am blaming them for this.)

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