Wednesday, February 07, 2007

LOST Returns Tonight . . .

. . . and you had better recognize!

I mean, you've got to help me hold my breath and wait to see if the show can regain its footing and get the REAL Season 3 off the ground and recapture the imagination and theorizing part of the American television watchers.

A lot has changed. Thirteen weeks off, now airing at 10 pm, facing ratings challenges from other shows . . . but the people running LOST are still there and the cast (except for those that have been killed off) are still there and I believe and hope that they are committed to making more intense, mind-boggling, kick-ass, (likely) frustrating television.

I know, I've been more critical this year than in the past, but I'm getting my wooden spoon out and am starting to mix the Kool-Aid again.

Maybe I've just accepted the fact that all shows are finite and they all go downhill eventually. Certainly Alias did so, but I've been watching season 1 on DVD (thanks to Christmas money from Mom and Dad) and I realize that early on, shows are exciting, new, different, compelling, more than slightly absurd . . . escapist. LOST can DO that for me and I think the potential is still there. It'll eventually become creaky and (unacceptably) absurd, but I'm gonna try and hold out hope.

To get you ready for tonight's 10 pm return on ABC, read this Q & A with show producers Damon Lindelof and Carleton Cuse.

(In MUCH more high-brow media news, my prayers have been answered and NPR's "Fresh Air with Terri Gross" is now available in free podcast form. Go to the place that you subscribe to podcasts and sign up now! You'll be glad you did.)

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David said...

The Entertainment Weekly report card grade of tonight's episode is "A."

Further description is:

I'm not going to screw around. It's good. Really good. Like season-one, stuff-gets-answered, can't-wait-for-the-next-episode good. To recap: Ben is bleeding out on the table. Jack is demanding the release of Kate and Sawyer. And the fan base is demanding some frickin' forward movement. Well, how about the full-on Juliette backstory? Information about how the Others ended up on the Island? Super-creepy Dharma experiment sequences? Yeah. You know you want it. And by the end, you'll be begging for more. Well, that, and praying that this isn't just another tease from a show that always seems to start strong out of the gate. — Daniel Fierman