Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Night Fun?

Got home from work around 5:30. (It's Lynda's turn to pick up the kids early this week.)

Looked through the mail, skimmed a magazine, and ate some pizza that was being kept warm in the oven. (Everyone else had already eaten.)

Cleaned up the kitchen a bit. (The girls and Lynda were playing games on a website in the next room.)

Got ready to watch the Friday night movie with the girls and eat some popcorn. (Then the next door neighbor called and asked if Sarah and Grace wanted to come play with their daughter for a while. Lynda went over to chat.)

So, now I'm alone.

What's a red-blooded American male to do?

What else but crack open a beer and watch today's recorded episode of Kim Possible? (Yep, I'm totally serious. I'm a geek and I love Ron's slacker, impossibly confident cluelessness.)

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