Friday, July 28, 2006


I have gone about a week with nothing to write.

My apologies.

However, I'll take a few minutes to drop some bits of wonder and thought on ya.

1. When did it become necessary to always use the adjective "zesty" with the word Italian? For instance, in my house right now is a bottle of zesty Italian salad dressing as well as zesty Italian croutons.

If I favored Italian dressing at all on my salads, the zest would be overflowing!

2. Remember WWYG?! Omnimedia? I still do!

3. Have you ever watched Veronica Mars? Neither have I . . . until I Netflixed season 1. It's awesome! The best show with a teenage girl since Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I'll stop there for now. Over the weekend I'll try to get back into stuff that's been sitting around but needs to be discussed.


Anonymous said...

I actually do remember grocery stores that sold Kraft Italian Dressing (TM) soon also starting selling Zesty Italian. I just don't remember at what point in my life that was. So let's say Italian things have been zesty for about a decade.

Now, how long have Mexican things been "spicy."


P.S. Seriously, that black-and-white picture under "About Me." Is that really you?

Anonymous said...

In the south we have an explanation for the ennui we are all feeling at this time of year. We refer to it as the "dog days." See Wikipedia for discussion

Also, the world situation is one that is pretty depressing right now. The arrogance of certain politicians leaves us all deflated and depressed, I suspect.

Sven Golly said...

Pay no attention to the man in the black and white photo; he is Burb's evil twin, Urb.

lulu said...

More like Burb's evil twin "gated community". Just LOOK at that guy! SNAZZY.