Wednesday, July 19, 2006

An Arizona Story, the first day

After flying into Phoenix and sleeping overnight around the airport we had our breakfast at the Hampton Inn continental breakfast and set out for the first leg of our Arizona adventure--to parts north and the Grand Canyon.

Sure, I hinted about the differences between the Southern/Midwestern "humid" heat and the fabled Southwestern "dry" heat. What they neglect to emphasize, however, is the common element of HEAT!!

Hot is hot, I'm here to tell you. Though, if pressed, I might prefer the dry heat--which put me in mind of the heat you feel when you open an oven door . . . that kind of skin-puckering slap in the face--because it didn't make me sweat through my shirts all the time. If you aren't polyhydrotic like me, then that might not be a problem.

But, its not always about the heat.

Sometimes it's about snacks.

Or cactus (of various varieties).

Or maybe it's about getting higher and higher in elevation.

Or, possibly, it's about stopping and going to the bathroom (more often than you thought you might).

But, in the end, this part of the journey was all about one thing--

--one great honkin' hole in the ground!

See it; know it; LOVE it!!

Coming up next?

We head South, towards Mexico, more desert, more cacti, and more family!

Stay tuned!!!

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