Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back in the saddle

(I wonder if anyone will check my blog before they check my desk chair? Doubt it . . .)

We made it home yesterday.

What should have been about 11 hours of driving turned into around 13 hours of going and going and going. . .

Kentucky ruined everything due to very hard rain which led to slow (but safer) driving speeds and a resulting delay in transit speed. Plus we got stuck in crawling traffic in Kentucky as well. It never seems to happen in Tennessee and it always happens in areas where there are no alternative routes. It just slams right into you and you go nowhere.

But, home again, unpacked, tried to unwind a bit.

The house always has a bit of an unreal quality once you come back after being gone for a while. It feels a bit more staged than lived in. But then we start piling things up and it looks like home again.

I've got to catch up at work--at least I only missed two actual work days--and answer some important emails. Then I'll see if anything vital occurred in my absence. It doesn't seem so at this point in the day.

This afternoon I knock off work early to take Sarah to a dental appointment.

This weekend is the 11th wedding anniversary. I REALLY need to swing a babysitter so we can go see Superman Returns.

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