Monday, June 19, 2006

The wisdom of youth

My Father's Day experience was nice. We bought a gas grill (our first one ever) and I spend about an hour and a half constructing it in the garage. Luckily, I chose a brand and style that did not require any tools for assembly. It went very well and smoothly. I was even able to hook up the propane tank, turn it on, and successfully cooked on it that night.

After dinner, Sarah and Grace conspired to make me a special Daddy dessert. It was a very impressive banana split and it tasted great, let me tell you.

Heading home from getting the kids at daycare, I asked Sarah and Grace what they wanted me to fix them for dinner. I suggested hotdogs or chicken that I could grill outside. Grace initially balked at the idea, but Sarah set her straight by commenting that I wanted to cook that because "it's just like when you get a new toy and want to play with it a lot. Daddy just wants to use his new grill, okay?"

Grace understood and agreed.

I couldn't possibly have said it any better. It's scary that she is this perceptive already. What will it be like when she gets older?

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