Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Where's Huey Lewis when you need him?

I'm getting a bit put out by the constant attacks on Superman. His sexuality has been called into question. His religious affiliation has been discussed. He's been called so many variations on bland, boring, and square that I'm beginning to think the thesaurus conglomerates are behind the negativity.

And it just gets worse. Newsweek has written a story in which they go to great length to praise Bryan Singer's movie, describing it as "gorgeously crafted," and "infuse[d] . . . with poetry" still can't wait to call the Man himself as "foursquare" (emphasis likely on square).

But, there is so much information on this most iconic superhero it sort of boggles the mind.

But I want to know why is it bad that Superman is seen as a bit of a nerd?

Where's the respect? He is, after all, the superhero upon which so many others were based. Everyone bad-mouthing the Man of Steel is sort of like George W. Bush talking trash about George Washington. He's the model; heck, he was even know as the Marble Man once upon a time, I believe. (And some of us know that you should NOT dis GW. He'll kick you apart . . . especially the British children.)

So, why isn't it hip to be square? I love Spiderman but you've gotta give it up to the one that made it cool to put on multi-colored body socks.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with Jack. Bringing Huey Lewis into this is just in bad taste. I think Clark Kent is too good to be interesting, but if he could spin the world 'round to a time before Huey Lewis came on the scene, I'd be very happy.