Thursday, June 29, 2006

Man in Black

A quick note to wish a belated happy birthday to Tobey Maguire. He turned 31 a few days ago.

Also, the folks at Marvel released the first teaser trailer of Spiderman 3 on Tobey's birthday. The fact that it might have been an attempt to steal the march on the opening of Superman Returns never crossed my mind.

Anyway, it's a promising first look at the movie. While everyone has been giving Superman the bums rush for being too smooth, too boring, too invincible, it's clear from this glimpse that Peter Parker's life is anything but smooth and polished. Say what you want, but Spiderman's life ain't boring.

If the swelling cast of villains (Venom, Sandman, and . . . I swear I saw the Green Goblin), girlfriends (Mary Jane AND Gwen Stacy), and Spidermen (evil black and friendly neighborhood red) can be done correctly, it won't be heading down Batman Forever territory.

Here's hoping.

Click here to visit the trailer site.

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