Thursday, May 11, 2006

J.J. Abrams has an Oedipal Complex

I discovered this while watching last night's episode of LOST (entitled "?").


Eko and Locke are off on a dream/vision quest to find the mysterious spot marked ? on the blast door image that Locke saw a few weeks ago ("Lockdown"). Eko is directed to do so by a dream of his dead brother, who specifically tells Eko to take John with him. (I guess the two most "spiritual" islanders must have their DHARMA-faith rekindled.)

They find the spot--which turns out to be the location of the crashed/burned Nigerian drug runner plane where Boone was fatally injured during Locke's original dream quest from Season One. Directly underneath where the plane now rests is . . . yep, another HATCH (named, as we will learn from another Orientation film, the Pearl).

So, here's my Oedipal tie in.

Nothing makes J.J. Abrams (and his contracted writers, since I KNOW J.J. himself didn't write the episode) happier than tunnels into the earth and mysterious hatch-like bunkers full of mysterious stuff. (Tunnels, Mother Earth, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, you get it . . .)
Anyway . . .

Lostaway Island is chock FULL of the crazy things (tunnels and hatches and bunkers, I mean). It's a wonder that the island doesn't sink due to the loss of structural integrity, due to the rabbits maze of tunnels snaking around in the earth's crust like a rabbit's warren (Watership Down tie in? Has Sawyer been reading it lately?).

But not only that, during last night's other Abrams-created show, Alias, Sydney and the newly alive Michael Vaughn (nee Andre Micheaux) discovered their own mysterious underground bunker full of dusty records regarding this year's Alias version of DHARMA--"Prophet 5."

So, if anyone has seen Mission: Impossible-III, PLEASE tell me that Tom Cruise's "Ethan Hunt" has to slip his way into some super-secret underground lair via a mysterious ground-level opening that reveals to him the connection between Philip Seymour Hoffman's bad guy and L. Ron Hubbard's secret plan to brainwash the world . . . a.k.a. Prophet DHARMAtology SD-6.

Please tell me it's true!

If Abrams will indeed helm a new Star Trek movie, I shudder to think what mysterious tunnels reside underneath the grounds of Starfleet Academy, nor do I want to know where the groundskeeper Boothby's allegiance truly lies.


Sven Golly said...

Nice bunkers!

A P said...

This is a test. Lost is awesome. Corn is no place for a mighty warrior!

David said...

It seems that at least some of my Abrams-related questions have been answered (at least in this reviewer's opinion).

David said...

I also forgot to mention this interesting bit of information that I discovered last night.