Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm working on it!

I started writing my posts on my weekend trip to Philadelphia--and the accompanying photos--tonight, but I don't think I'll finish it quite yet.

In an attempt to appease your disappointment, I offer this strange bit of information.



Yeah, you read that right. You can read about it here. Heck, even Forbes magazine wrote an article on it. Everybody in the know has heard about the most famous wizard rock group--Harry and the Potters--and while I've got nothing against them, I wanted to talk about another group that I heard about this week.

While listening to the weekly Pottercast, I heard about a new group called The Remus Lupins. (NOTE: This link will open up a myspace account for the group and songs will play. Plug in headphones if you don't want to disturb anyone.)

But don't let the name fool you, this group is one guy writing surprisingly effective music that just happens to base its subject on fictional characters who happen to go to a school of magic.

Give it a quick look before you shake your head at me and move on with your life. (And maybe tomorrow I'll have more trip-related posts.)

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Sven Golly said...

Is that a putter or a nine-iron in Remus Lupin's right hand?