Tuesday, November 02, 2004

"The Most Important Vote of My Lifetime"

Yeah, so I voted this morning.

The line was longer than in any other election that I have participated in, so, you go big ole swing state. Justify the love that all the candidates have been showing you all these months.

I experienced no troubles, even though I thought my moving across town during the summer might possibly cause a hiccup. But no. All I got was a worried look from the poll worker when I said that I had moved. Apparently, moved is a four-letter word for precincts right now.

Who will win? Depends on who you ask.

I will tell you that when I did vote today, I was not attacked by wolves and my job did not suddenly get sent overseas to our helpful Indian friends. I sincerely hope that, due to my vote, a terrorist will not detonate a bomb in our city's downtown before the day is over.

Only time will tell . . . and it could be a LONG time.

Will it be decided before tomorrow morning? My gut says no. As someone on NPR noted, all those lawyers are out there already, getting set to challenge the smallest little irregularity. They HAVE to justify their existence and all the preparation that they have done prior to today, so the likelihood that things won't get dragged into court is pretty slim.

Viva la democracy!!

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