Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy snowy Thanksgiving to you all.

Yes, I know that this is only a bare flurry of snow, but it is snow on a holiday. For a boy who grew up in deep South Georgia, that means something.

We are all up and stirring on this Thanksgiving day--Tegan and the girls, and Tegan's parents. (They are visiting from Georgia.) The pumpkin pie is already cooking in the oven and the turkey is finishing its final thaw before we put in in the oven so that it can become delicious and tasty for our Thanksgiving feast later this afternoon. I don't know if we can get Ariel to watch parades this morning--maybe the cartoon balloons? (I always think of my brother Muleskinner on Thanksgiving during parade watching, who participated in the Macy's parade when he was in band years ago--so take THAT band haters!)

There are many things to be thankful today: my wonderful wife and children; my family in Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, and all of my wonderful inlaws spread everywhere; the blessing of my life and all of the comforts that I so easily take for granted and don't stop to appreciate enough; my very decent job and all of my fun, challenging, and excellent friends and coworkers; so many things! Have a happy Thanksgiving Day everyone.

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