Sunday, November 14, 2004

MAN was in the forest

Another right of passage this weekend for Ariel. She watched Bambi for the first time.

Now, I don't know about ya'll, but I don't recall much of anything about when I watched Bambi. You hear all the stories about how traumatized everyone was as a child when Bambi's mother got shot. I don't recall being scarred for life in this way.

Don't get me wrong. I remember some things about the story, certainly. I remember Bambi stumbling and trying to stand. I remember the meeting with the skunk that Bambi names "Flower." But I don't remember a lot else. And frankly, what I do remember is probably due to commercials and other Disney related stuff outside of my actually viewing the movie. I have more vivid memories of when I saw "Bambi Meets Godzilla" than I do of the actual Disney movie.

So, I was a bit shocked (internally) when I watched the movie this weekend with Ariel.

All I can say definitively is that MAN is an unremitting bastard in this movie.

You never see him, but his presence is certainly felt. The movie consists of idyllic scenes of spring, frolicking with the other woodland creatures, pastoral nature settings etc, punctuated with the horror that is MAN.

The first time MAN encroaches, Bambi and his mother escape. You hear the echo of the gunshot but that is all. Then winter comes and the deer struggle for food. But then the early spring thaw arrives and it is at this point that MAN takes it out on Bambi's mom. Fittingly, all you see is Bambi heeding Mom's last words to "not look back" and "keep running." It is only when Bambi arrives at the thicket does he realize she is absent. He goes looking for her, but the body is never found.

So that is it right? Wrong! As Bambi grows, matures, and develops antlers, he naturally becomes interested in the opposite (deer) sex. But even here MAN won't leave it alone. He comes into the forest again, shooting at just about everything on four legs or wings. Seriously . . . its like a riot broke out in the forest. And even beyond THAT the MAN campfire causes a forest fire to break out.

I mean, really, isn't Disney laying it on a bit thick here? Why not show the MAN as a Nazi officer or something, just to drive the point right on home?

At any rate, I am glad to report that Ariel has not shown any serious signs of trauma. She did not wake up screaming in the middle of the night and has wanted to watch the movie again today. So, she is alright.

I'm the one that has been traumatized. My faith in MAN is pretty shaken.

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lulu said...

So, I was like SO posting a comment when I hit an errant key and was knocked for a cyber loop.


Walt, why do mommies always have to die?

Seriously, they are either already dead or have died and been replaced by a malicious stepmother who browbeats poor, hapless, kind father into not being responsible for her actions towards his children. It's so Springer. It's so my life. Though my mom didn't die, thank god.

I really don't like Disney movies.