Thursday, October 21, 2004

What else could I be? All apologies

Sorry to all of my fans out there who have been waiting on pins and needles for the next post. I know its been drought of several days, and for that pain and worry that I put you through . . . well, all I can say is: "I'm sorry."

Anyway . . .

So, what's been going on, huh?

I've been sucked into the playoff baseball the last few nights. Boston vs. New York. The rich team that always chokes versus the rich team that always wins and so everyone (including me) hates them. I, myself, am a Braves fan--growing up in Georgia I came by it honestly.

Everyone calls the Red Sox cursed, and sure, the team has had some bad luck. But they have had some success. Again, sure, the last time they won the World Series was in 1918, but they have visited the World Series since then (the Sox aren't the Cubs after all). But, people say the Red Sox are cursed. But they say it with affection.

Now when people talk about the Braves, they call the team "underachievers." Yes, Atlanta won the World Series in 1995, but they have missed several opportunities before and since in the 90s decade. But when people call a team "underachievers" that is really just a polite way of saying "choke-filled losers." Oh well, the Sox beat the Yankees tonight and hopefully the entire nation can put this "Curse of the Bambino" crap behind it forever.
In other news, I FINALLY have some (potentially) good news to report about my digital camera saga. When Ruth was born in the summer of '03, Tegan and I bought a digital camera from Canon. It was the PowerShot A70 (which I have just discovered they don't make anymore, based on its conspicuous absence on the website--hmmm) a pretty decent model and it worked fine for us for months. But then, in the fall it started having display problems. We sent the camera to the factory service center and had it repaired. It then operated fine for a few weeks and then the exact same problem cropped up again. So, we sent it back to the factory service center again.
This time the camera only worked for about a week before screwing up, with the SAME problem as each of the previous two times. We were very angry and tried to get a new camera this time (the camera was just then finishing out its initial year warranty), since the factory service center clearly couldn't figure out what to do to fix this problem.
After several days of trying to explain and many, MANY times on hold and waiting, I got the company to send a rush label and some other documentation to me and I shipped it again--with warning labels and new addresses to send the camera to and everything.
A week later, the camera is returned, just as I sent it, but NOTHING was done to it. The note the company mailed back said they didn't do anything because I had provided no information about what needed to be done. Now . . . keep in mind that I had spoken to customer service reps several times and explained in as much detail as I could what the problem was. Also remember that I had sent back previous documentation (with work order numbers) from previous mailings, And finally, you should know that the last customer service rep that I spoke to said to me and also wrote in his letter than went in the last mailing that he had made the service center fully aware of the situation--so, I didn't provide any further information.
Well, needless to say Tegan and I went nuts over this latest foul up. She called them back and read them the riot act. We didn't hear anything for about a week and then I find out that the service rep that I had been dealing with was going to be gone for a while and I was going to deal with someone new. So I explained it all to him and he said he was trying to get something worked out. Both Tegan and I thought that if they are planning to ship our camera off to get repaired again, we would just as soon film it being dropped off a building.
But, we got word that a NEW plan is in the works. We have been told to mail our old camera out and they are going to REPLACE it with the next model up--the PowerShot A75!
Here's hoping that THIS one works.

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