Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A partial explanation

Well, I don't want to continue the suspense much longer, and judging by the enormous outpouring of interest in my teasers, I start explaining what's up.

Last week I got a fortune cookie with a message inside (as is true of all such cookies). It said: "When you gather your resources together, Goals are accomplished."

Yes, I know the punctuation and capitalization are not correct, but bear with the mystical cookie that is struggling to impact psychic truth via a second language.

Anyway, at the time, I figured it could only refer to the temporary reorganization and reassignment of personnel around the office. I and many others are being shifted to get higher priority projects done in a timely (read "panicked") fashion.

But, then Jack Thunder, who often serves as my muse and my goad, prodded me to embellish the blogging experience around here at WWYG?! Since Jack often has some good ideas, I decided to implement his plan.

Soon some of you (my regular, dedicated readers) will be receiving an invitation to register on Blogger and become part of a new, spinoff website entitled WWYG?! Omnimedia. This site's sole purpose it to allow us all to collaborate and create a website together that does what we do best--criticize and discuss the media in all of its forms: print, visual, musical, cinema, Internet.

I want to give this a try because I am intrigued by the collaborative nature of the venture. It might undercut some of what I do on Why Won't You Grow?! but let's see what happens, hmmm?

So, keep a lookout for your invitation. Don't throw it away.

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