Tuesday, October 12, 2004

An Addendum to last week's debate-blog

This explanation comes via Slate.com. I haven't verified its veracity.

Remember when I was confused during the 2nd presidential debate while the Prez seemingly rambled on about Dred Scott?

Well, according to the web article embedded inside this post's title, he wasn't rambling at all, but was sending a secret signal to other conservatives with decoder rings!!

Wow! Politics is fun and sinister and totally relevant and junk!

What cereal do you have to eat to receive the secret Conservative decoder ring? Is it boring, bland, but good for you "Cheerios?" Is certainly can't be "Lucky Charms" can it? That leprechaun is a little swishy and the presence of the "rainbow" is another code that only liberals can decipher.

So, eat a balanced breakfast, pay attention, and always ask: "What's the frequency, Georgie?"

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