Saturday, November 05, 2011

NaBloWriMo #5: Saturday spills

Today was such a nice weather day that I pumped up the air in my bicycle tires and hooked up Hannah's pull cart to go on a bike ride.I even convinced Sarah to ride along with us. Grace was over at a friend's house, or I would have asked her to come along as well.

We decided to ride up the bike trail and then swing over to the Hoff Woods park to play on their playground. Things got off to a rough start however, as I was maneuvering my bike and the pull cart along the tight turns of a sidewalk ramp. My front wheel didn't ride from the grass to the sidewalk edge at enough of a perpendicular angle and the tire slid along the concrete like a skateboarder catching a rail.

I lost my seat and my balance and came down across the sidewalk. I wasn't going fast, so nothing serious was hurt, but when I put out my hands to catch my body on the way down, I must have jammed the middle joint on my right middle finger. It feels a bit stiff and sore right now and won't move without the slightest bit of hesitant pain. Plus, my left hand got pushed up into my chest, up under my left pectoral and that feels a bit sore as well. I've probably got an abrasion on my left thigh as well . . . but enough about me. It was still worth it to get outside on a pretty day. I got back up and we hit the trail.

Once we got to the park, the three of us spent some fun time climbing, pretending to be pirates, and doing the sorts of things that you do when you're watching kids. Sarah volunteered to be a rival pirate enemy and Hannah and I had to be vigilant in protecting our treasure from her pilfering ways. Luckily, we always had the upper hand, and if she ever was able to find out where our treasure was hidden, we tracked her down and got it back pretty quickly. 

Once only, when she was posing as a disguised deck hand did she manage to infiltrate our pirate ship and win our trust. After cooking us a large meal and getting us drowsy, she found the treasure hidden in the crows nest and managed to get away. 

It was about that time that Hannah had a spill of her own. While jogging from the sand pit onto the sidewalk that surrounded it, she caught her foot on the lip of HER sidewalk and tumbled face first. Her glasses got a bit stretched the wrong way and she scraped her forehead slightly. But there was no blood mixed in with the tears. (And we had a spare pair of glasses at home for just such eventualities.)

Hopefully she doesn't feel as sore as I do right now. But then again, she's several decades younger than me, as well.

It's probably a good thing that the weather will be changing soon and snows will make it harder to get outside. I'm not certain that our medical expense account could handle the clumsiness of Hannah and I.

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