Thursday, November 03, 2011

NaBloWriMo #3: Community

So, I had a dream about my favorite comedy show on TV--Community, which airs tonight on NBC.

In my dream, I'm watching Annie and Britta hang out with Jeff. Pierce is somewhere around, but isn't really present in the foreground of the dream's plot. Troy & Abed are absent and I also don't remember Shirley being present?

Someone else is a character in the dream, but he is not a part of the stable of TV show characters. (He drives a semi-truck for some reason that I can't explain but is a factor later in the dream.) This truck-driving guy gets it into the heads that as a collective group, they smell "good." (I don't know where this comes from, but i worry it is somehow pulled from the part of my brain that remembers reading the Twilight books Is this some weird connection to Edward, who is drawn to Bella's scent? And, side questions--a.) how much does a very targeted lobotomy cost? & b.) how much damage to higher brain functions do you reckon such a procedure might cause?


For this next part of the dream, I am not an outside observer. Instead I am part of Britta's perspective. She leaves the rest of the group to meet up with the truck-driving guy and (she hopes) to flirt with him. This is when he drives up in a semi truck . . . an actual 18-wheeler, Optimus Prime, semi-truck. It's a very dramatic moment in the dream, where you may image a camera set low to the ground, somewhere around Britta's shoulder as the large truck pulls up from the left to the right, looming over here in gleaming chrome.

But that's not really important here. I'm just trying to paint you a dreamscape with words so that you can follow along and experience what I experienced. The true drama of the entire dream now occurs, as Britta gets the new from the truck-driving guy that, separated from the rest of the group, she doesn't present that intoxicating smell any longer. Britta is crushed to learn that she can only function and have power within the context of the group, to find out that she is less powerful as an individual. She reluctantly goes  back to experience that collective happiness and (presumably?) recapture the smell.

So . . .

What is going on in this dream. Is it trying to tell me something about the need to fit in? Or is it trying to better understand the group dynamics of the Community cast? (This HAS been a theme throughout the early episodes of this third season.) Also, what can be learned by the coda to this dream, in which Troy and Abed finally appear in a motorcycle + sidecar set up, waving colored flashlights as if they were light sabers? (Which they sort of . . . are?)


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