Friday, November 25, 2011

NaBloWriMo #22: What's Next? Is that it?


All holidays have a post-holiday letdown. Christmas certainly does, as it is the most over-hyped holiday and, in the end, it only lasts one day--just like all other days. And when it is over the mystery of the boxes are solved and you are left with empty boxes and ripped wrapping paper and it is just trash that is an obstacle when you sit down to drink coffee and think about writing (or in my case, too often ) not writing your Thank You notes.

And so, what of the Thanksgiving holiday letdown? People may extend the fun with Black Friday combat . . . if that is your sort of thing. And the turkey sandwiches are always nice and flavorful and the turkey tastes different when its cold and paired with mayonnaise or some of the leftover cranberry relish.

But the football is over . . . if that is your sort of thing. And the pies are mostly eaten and the pie crust is getting sort of flabby from the refrigerator. And gravy doesn't heat up well because it sort of separates. And really, what you want right now is a nice pizza.

When you were a kid, you could go outside and throw a football in the neighbor's yard. And you could watch your breath fog as you tried to get a spiral, just this once . . . ! But it ended up being a floppy, wobbly mess, sort of like what is left of the chocolate pie if you combined it with some gravy. Yuk. But it feels good to run and get a little sweat under your corduroy shirt. And maybe you dived a bit to try and make a catch on the Frisbee, because you abandoned the football and went to something that you are better at throwing. You fell on your knees and got them muddy in the soggy ground of your neighbor's yard. But that is okay because you are running and the turkey is in the refrigerator and maybe later you'll play a card game with your family and have some hot chocolate to warm you up from being outside.

So, embrace the time off. Breathe some fresh air that doesn't have a turkey smell. Take a walk. Carry a book with you on that walk and find a dry spot to sit in the autumnal sun and read.

Don't forget that being thankful is not a once-a-year proposition. The hoopla and the hype comes and goes. It is what YOU choose to do with your time that is always the most important factor in how you feel.

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