Thursday, March 03, 2005

Some flotsam, a bit of jetsom

1) Have you heard about the Hobbit? No, sorry, it's not really related to the Lord of the Rings but only serves to show how pervasive popular culture can be. Even scientists are trying to get down with the hip vernacular. I suppose they are desperate to show kids that they are cool, too?
"Come on kids. We're not all nerds in lab coats. We know where it's at. Don't you watch CSI? Laboratory work is the bomb!"

2) Speaking of hip . . . I have always thought that money was cool . . . or could at least allow you to purchase the accoutrements of coolness. (Shut up.)
But anyway, the newest news on money is that the U.S. government simply can't stop messing with it. I mean, look at these changes.

But, I try not to judge too much. Still, why won't they change the dollar? Doesn't GW deserve that much from a grateful nation?
3) And . . . finally, I noticed on VH-1 last night that the ladies on The Fug Blog have been picked as commentators on one of those "awesomely bad" shows. This one was about horrible celebrity outfits, so it was appropriate.
But I got a little jealous. I guess, in order to make a name for yourself in the blog-o-verse, you have to be connected to the Damn Hell Ass Kings somehow.
Maybe if I link to them a lot they'll notice me.

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