Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mulan's Favorite Sunday Story

A few Sunday's ago Ariel and I sat down and she started drawing pictures for a book that she wanted to make. She drew all of the figures, colored them, and then told me what the picture represented. I wrote down what she said, almost 100 percent word-for-word, only occasionally trying to get a more complete thought or sentence out of her for clarity's sake.

We did about half of the book that day and then stopped for a few weeks. When we got back to it, she added a few more pictures and I helped a bit more with the coloring this time (at her request). What follows is a story that Ariel created, called "Mulan's Favorite Sunday Story." It is, as those of you familiar with the Disney version might recognize, based upon the characters and situations in that animated movie.

(I will try not to write on top of what is already written on the page, only commenting when necessary.. I think the scanned pictures show the book's text fairly well.)

(This picture represents the Emperor of China.)

(This final page is the one where Ariel wanted to write the words herself. It says: "Mulan's horse follows her everywhere and is her best friend.")


flipper said...

That was an awesome story! I was riveted. My favorite character is Cricket, and I especially liked the part where they saved the world. Nice job, Ariel!

Anonymous said...

Well, I just loved my granddaughter's story. I hope my son is planning to have it bound in some way. Old folks like me still like our print media, you know. Maggie