Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Daycare trouble

Our daycare is under investigation. For the complete story, see this link.

First of all, this teacher, whoever it is, is not teaching either of our kids. Ruth is in the room below where the incident happened and Ariel is in the 4-year-old room.

(It should be noted that the parents outside of those directly involved have not been told anything specific about the occurrence, just that an investigation is underway. Tegan and I have been searching the news since we first were informed last Friday. This web story is the first concrete details that we have.)

Both Tegan and I are disturbed by this, but not instantly agitated. I guess right now we are letting the investigation take place and are waiting to see what occurs. We have never had complaints about our children's treatment at this center. We enrolled our kids there this past summer, so it has been around nine months.

We have always noted a difference in the atmosphere at this center as opposed to the one we used since Ariel was born back in 2000. Our current center is more "business-like" whereas our old one felt more "family-0riented." We had a more personal connection to the teachers at the old center, but I have always attributed this to the fact that our kids literally grew up there and we grew up as parents there as well.

So, what do we do now? I don't WANT to move our kids to another center . . . but we will if we don't feel that our kids are safe there. I don't feel that way right now, but I will be more watchful and wait for the investigation to conclude. According to our old center director-friend the daycare corporation has a very good investigative procedure and, depending on the outcome of the investigation, the teacher in question and director herself will be removed.

I certainly can't speak for other parents, but will it be enough to satisfy us? We'll see.

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