Monday, March 28, 2005

Indigestion, trilogies, and some other stuff I forgot

[NOTE to self: when you have a good idea for a post, drop everything--except any children you happen to be carrying--and go write it. If you get an idea in the shower, wrap a towel around yourself and run; if it is at some inopportune time, then re-evaluate your priorities!]

Yeah, this post idea was crystal clear and full-formed a few days ago. Flush with hubris, I didn't bother to do it then. Instead, here I am now, lamely trying to recreate the glory just because I got nothin' better to do right now.

Update on the convalescence: staples removed today. It hurt a bit, thanks for asking. Imagine if you were two sheets of paper, held together with 15 of those small staples that come from very small thumb-sized staplers that we all had in college on our dorm room desk. And then imagine that each of those staples is pulled from those pieces of paper. It would feel discomforting. Sure, it didn't last long but it is still gonna hurt, okay?

But, at least I am now metal free and no longer part human, part machine. I hope that I can continue to wear clothing without irritating chafing for many more years to come.

The most difficult of the convalescence to this point has been my stomach. It is getting better, I think, but I am still very cautious about what I eat. I hope that it goes away soon because I STILL haven't had a cheeseburger or a doughnut in quite some time. And sometimes, as many of you know, the best part of the day is lunchtime--partly for the company, but also for the food. And without the food, then its just company.

But, I plan to go back to work on Tuesday. I hope it goes well. I have had my time off and my recovery has gone well, considering.
So, if I am going back to work then what does that mean?

The next planned event, of course. So many choices, right? March Madness is winding down and the inevitability of the winner and the great many losers is becoming painfully clear. But never fear, there are many other things to celebrate.

1) Lulu's promotion is certainly noteworthy! While I never doubted her getting the job, we'll all be sad to see her leave the light canyon. But much like the Yankees, I hope we can replace one All-Star with another. Let's hope for the best--and its not like Lulu's going anywhere, right? I mean, not too far at least.

2) The Roadhouse viewing at Shirtless's place. Rumored to be in the works. That would be fun, certainly. But what kind of food do you bring to a Swayze party? Lots of cheese, I'm thinking.

3) Upcoming movies. Always a popular choice with me. But what is upcoming? Well, there is the 800 pound gorilla that no one wants to talk about--Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.
I admit it, I have a weakness for trilogies. How else to explain the fact that I foisted the two bad Matrix movies on my disappointed co-workers? Was I a dupe of marketing, hype, expectation, bad philosophy? Yes, to all.

As a young lad, I like everyone else, loved the original Star Wars trilogy. I was also hopeful for the release of Episode 1 The Phantom Menace, back in 1999, was it? Sure, it wasn't as good as I hoped, and sure, my car was stolen during the night as I slept. But is that an omen? I don't know.

Even so, I saw Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. I was prepared for it to disappoint, and it did in a lot of ways. But even in those two movies, there were good moments. I am not defending George Lucas, but he can put some spectacular visuals on the screen (and I am NOT talking about Princess Amidala here).

So, was about Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith?

Well, I don't know. Every since they announced that these three movies would be made, THIS one was the one I looked forward to. The rise of Darth Vader; the fight with Kenobi; the surrender to the Dark Side. It might make for some compelling storytelling--if you had good actors, good writing, a good director--which probably are lacking, I'm afraid.

But it might LOOK cool. Is that enough?

The reason I even bring this up is because of Star Wars: Clone Wars, the short animated films that fill in the story between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. These films have shown a lot of the excitement, action, lack of crappy dialogue, and character development, and adult action (very little to no stupid kid-stuff) that made Eps. 1 & 2 so disappointing.

I saw several of them over the weekend on Cartoon Network. It sort of whetted the appetite a bit. But I am still cautious.

I hope Revenge of the Sith doesn't suck. Will I be surprised if it does? Not really. Will I take the chance and go see it?

The jury is still out on that one--but if my stomach won't let me eat Goobers, then probably not.

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