Monday, February 21, 2005

TC gets sloppier

Come on, Tom.

You are getting sloppier in your rampages . . . and what did Hunter S. Thompson ever do to you?
Shouldn't you really be going after Johnny Depp? He played Thompson in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."

And besides, any cop walking the beat can see the parallels here.

1) Hunter S. Thompson's initials are HST
2) H (which is almost Hi, the opposite of which is LO. ST (which, when combined with LO, create the name of a hit TV show--LOST.
3) On LOST was a certain crazy character, Ethan, played crazily by a certain person, William Mapother, who happens to be cousins with YOU.

Connect the dots.


Less understandable is the death this past weekend of Hollywood legend Sandra Dee . . . unless you try to say that he is acting out against John Travolta, who starred in "Grease" once upon a time and in which a song lyric mentioned Sandra Dee when discussing Olivia Newton John's character.

(At least, that was my first theory, until I read the linked obituary and noticed that her last film, produced in 1983, was entitled . . . Lost.

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Spec said...

I still think that the death of John Raitt (father of singer Bonnie) is related to this whole thing, I just can't prove it. In an unrelated note: thanks for changing your picture Burb. You are an attractive man and that fireman photo did not do you justice.