Thursday, February 24, 2005


Amazing things happened at Millard Filmore's Japanese Four-square today.

(For those not in the know . . . that is the slightly adjusted name of our lunch table group, and YES, it's a long story.)

We discussed our worst public fall and, as I suspected, mine was the most humiliating. Public tumbling down concrete steps at a football stadium, kicking a drink out of a shocked spectators hand, having it announced over the P.A. system (Is there a doctor in the house?) and having an old lady tell me how to walk properly . . . THAT is some awesome humiliation!

But later I did something that I haven't done in a long time. While drinking some water, Spec said something humorous/inappropriate (I don't remember what he said now.) and I chocked, laughed, and had water come out my nose. It was nasty!

But all of MFJFs got a good laugh at my expense, so it was all worth it.

And, Raisinette and Spec alerted us all to an important development on Lost!

(As an aside, the Blogger spellchecker suggests the word "flamers" to replace Filmore in Millard Filmore's Japanese Four-Square. That just about sum up my opinion of the group name, but it does have a certain pizazz about it . . . a socially-incorrect pizazz?


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