Thursday, February 03, 2005

Captain's Blog; Stardate 02.04.05

[Click on the post title for a link to this story. Props to Spec and Dr. Actually for suggesting the title--much better than my original idea.]

It is not really a surprise, is it? Ratings haven't been very good and the move to Friday night was seen by many, including me, as a death knell.

Love or hate Star Trek, this will mark the first time since 1986 that there won't be a first-run, ST-related series on television. That's 18 years, folks!

So, goodbye Picard, goodbye Sisko. So long Janeway, and good riddance Archer. We knew you all so well . . . all your foilbles, all your negotiation (and sometimes fighting) styles.

Goodbye teen-boy eye candy--i.e. Troi, Seven-of-Nine, and T'Pau. Goodbye skin tight suits and enhanced breasts.

Goodbye to dancing green Orion women, to Klingons, to Romulans, to Cardassians.

We will soldier on . . . another ST TV show will come someday. There is at least one more ST movie, I think.

We will carry on. We still have the new Battlestar Galactica (Friday nights @ 10 on the Sci-Fi channel; check your local listings). It is good, kind of reminds me of Firefly, and Starbuck is a GIRL . . . SCORE!

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