Monday, July 08, 2019

Party Month 2019: XXIV

Twenty-four years later and I'm still so very, very lucky. As I've said before, the decision to marry Lynda Thompson was hands-down the easiest and smartest decision that I've ever made. Done without hesitation and never with regret. 

It's been the basis of my good life and the foundation of all that makes my life good for the last several decades. 

What would life have been like if we had not chosen to go to Georgia Southern? What would things be like if we had not met and she had given me the inner courage to speak my feelings without fear? How might things be different if so many small things had spun in a slightly different direction? Certainly my life would be different. But I do not see how it would be better. She is better. And she makes me try to be better as well.

Thank you Lynda for saying yes then and for working to keep it going every day thereafter.

Happy anniversary!

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