Saturday, September 12, 2015

Football Counter-Programming 2015--Week 2


Welcome back everyone! How is your football team doing so far today?

Oh wait . . . that's not at all what this is about. We're here to avoid discussion of college football and see what other odd things might be of interest on a Saturday in September. Here's hoping that you have had a good week and are finding time to relax in some way.

Me? I'm enjoying the cool breezes and hanging out in the backyard with Hannah  Sarah is at a friends house. Grace is nerding out to a good movie . . . and Lynda is celebrating her cousins wedding in Alabama. (I assume she won't be thinking about football at all today.)

Last week, we talked a bit about Twin Peaks and I used the Log Lady Introductions to randomize some topics and provide a point of discussion. But what did she have to say for the very first regular episode, "Traces to Nowhere"?

Clearly, the Log Lady is talking about her own personal love of Batman, who is the world's greatest detective. And why not? Outside of Superman and Wonder Woman, has any other superhero comic book figure had a larger impact on the publishing industry or the culture in general?

Batman also carries his own log--a log of regret and sadness that he has twisted into obsession and a completely unwinnable war on crime, inequality, and human suffering. He has dedicated his limitless fortunes  to perfecting his city and I think that we all know perfection to be unattainable.

Do you think that he could possibly win this unending war? Well, someone more versed in the subject that I certainly has thought about it a lot, so I'll provide a link to that longish essay about his thoughts. And, if you are interested, then he also has thought about Batman versus Harry Potter and also, oddly . . . Batman punching animals.

(I guess when you're Batman and you are the best, you can get away with punching anything you want.)

But maybe you think Batman is funny? (Just as the Log Lady worries that her wooden companion might be funny to you.) Do you think an adult man dressing up as a flying rodent is ridiculous and childish?

My question to you then, is, how would YOU fight crime in your hometown?

Would you happily accept higher taxes to fund social and educational programs to educate and improve the poor away from the choices that poverty might drive them towards? Would you support the police in your town by participating in a neighborhood watch program? Would you volunteer your time and talents towards social and community events, homework and tutoring services for children and adults? Would you bring food and visit prisoners to encourage them to try and build a better life for themselves? Would you buy a gun to protect yourself? There are many choices available to you--none of which actually involve fighting the crime yourself. But you might have to fight the sources of crime.

What do you think is the best choice for your non-vigilante world? Leave ideas in the comments and tell me what YOU think is a good plan.

And also let me know why Batman is the best.

Until next week . . . same Bat Time; same Bat Channel.

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