Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall TV Preview--Fox

Last night I finally watched the premiere of Sleepy Hollow which has been the show highest on my radar of New Shows to Watch. This is because I had some childhood fears about the Headless Horseman that I needed to resolve. (Plus, the premise of the show seemed bananas, but maybe bananas-good like in a ice cream and split way rather than in the you've waited too long to eat those things way.)

And it WAS the ice cream way.

At first I didn't even know that the show was developed by Kurtzman & Orci, the same dudes who were involved in Spiderman 2, Fringe, and lots of other shows that I love. It's got the weird elements of mystery that remind me a bit of Twin Peaks. It's got the occult of Buffy. It's got the sinister conspiracy of X Files. And I wasn't even scared of the Headless Hessian. Who knows what it'll be like going through this first season, but I'm totally in! 

What else does Fox have under way this season?


The Animation Block begins again at 8 pm with The Simpsons (9/29 @ 8), then flows into Bob's Burgers (9/29 @ 8:30), Family Guy (9/29 @ 9), American Dad (9/29 @ 9:30) and then run into a screeching halt at 10 pm with the dreaded local programming. I think that the Sunday night local programming on Fox is probably just an hour of YouTube videos talking about how bad The Cleveland Show was, how The Simpson hasn't been consistently good for the last decade, a few people trying to convince me to watch Bob's Burgers, and many, many people who just wish Seth MacFarlane would go away. 


At the start of the work week, Fox is already off to a shaky footing it seems. Bones (9/16 @ 8) will hold down the 8 pm slot until Almost Human (11/4 @ 8) arrives. But that might be a good thing as Almost Human brings Karl Urban into the role of a 2048 LA police detective that isn't partnered with an android like all the other cops on the futuristic beat. The show runner has a Fringe pedigree and I've enjoyed Urban's roles both in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and as Dr. McCoy in the Bad Robot Star Trek reboots. So, pencil me in for this show when November gets here--especially if it leads into . . .

Sleepy Hollow! (9/16 @ 9). I won't say anything more about this show but I will speculate that the 10 pm local programming block on Monday nights is going to be people reading my blog post recaps of the show as the season goes on.


I should let Dean blog about Dads (9/17 @ 8) since a.) he's actually watched the first episode and b.) his posts always get more hits than mine. [Dean: if you want to comment below, be my guest.] I don't know if anyone has watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine (9/17 @ 8:30), but it seems to have piqued some people's interest. I'm skeptical of Andy Samberg combined with Andre Braugher, but I guess a cop show played for laughs is probably better than yet another cop drama.

I really loved New Girl (9/17 @ 9) and look forward to more craziness this season. But Nick and Winston and Schmidt have a lot to live up to in my eyes this year. (Their biggest fan, however, may end up being Sarah, who fell in love with the show on Netflix over the summer and spends her spare time following stuff about it on Tumblr.) I didn't get involved with The Mindy Project (9/17 @ 9:30), so I don't have lots to say about it.

Tuesday's 10 pm local programming on Fox? Those same dudes who disliked Seth MacFarlane are further incensed by Dads and get into protracted arguments with other dudes who argue that Andy Samberg shouldn't just stayed on Saturday Night Live already.


You are not surprised to hear me say that I am not at all interested in The X Factor (9/11 @ 8). But are you surprised that Fox devotes the ENTIRE prime time schedule on Wednesday to this show? Why not give us a repeat of Sleepy Hollow, Fox? Or perhaps you might reair the first few seasons of Fringe that were so, so good. Or maybe get down on your knees and BEG Joss Whedon to develop a new show for your network--even though he's turn you down in a flat second. But any of these ideas would be better than two solid hours of yet another singing program.

The local programming block on Hump Day is just a terrible, terrible hour of that horrible Geico commercial with the camel. You know what I'm talking about and I'm NOT going to link to it.


Oh my glob . . . REALLY, Fox? Two solid hours of The X Factor wasn't enough for you last night, so you need to set aside ANOTHER hour at 8 on Thursday to examine the results of the previous night's voting? Wow. But okay. That is less programming that I need to write about tonight which will let me end this blog post sooner, which will let me watch New Girl and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. sooner. So I guess that is okay.

Fox does have one semi-new bit of programming on at 9 . . . Glee (9/26 @ 9). I gave up on the show last year as the wheels came off and I'm not planning on coming back. Cory Monteith's suicide is just sad and half of the people aren't even cast members any more. Returning this show again is just like that feeling you get when you return to visit high school after spending some time at college. You might have some old underclassmen friends who are still there, but everyone should just agree to move on.

Thursday night's local programming is devoted to spreadsheets and charts that details how surprised everyone is that The Michael J. Fox Show is beating the 25th hour of this week's X Factor nonsense.


MasterChef Junior (9/27 @ 8) is what you get when you get tired of seeing Chef Gordon Ramsey berate adult cooks until they cry and instead wonder what it would look like if they asked him to scream at pre-teens who think they know how to cook. Something is wrong with this country when it devotes twelve hours of the week's programming to The Voice and then follows it up with this? Why did Fox cancel Firefly again?

But all is forgiven when the network decides to fill its 9 pm hour with a rerun of this week's Sleepy Hollow! Way to go Fox! You know that the nerds who are all in on this show are doing nothing else. Keep them involved.


Do some push ups, you nerds! Do you want to end up looking like Ichabod Crane 1.0? And don't get your hopes up. You won't end up looking like this one. Or this one.

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Anonymous said...

Dads has a good theme song. I only watched up to that point. The laugh track was too aggressive for how unfunny it is. Brooklyn Nine Nine is worth a peek, it's a Michael Schur show, give it a shot!