Monday, April 08, 2013

BEDA 8: Videos and other entertainments

I recorded a video to serve as today's BEDA post. And I see that the problem with using the YouTube Capture program is that I set my other digital spaces to "speak" about the video--rendering this version of it (the intended traffic point) to become uninteresting. (Depending on when the video uploads or when you choose to read this post, you may have already seen the video about the iPhone app.)

That's the problem with multiple digital voices--which one is the main point? Is there a rationale for maintaining a central "depot" that all the other places serve, or should they all independently maintains a distinct voice? And is that effective or does it just water down whatever impact you are trying to achieve? I don't know yet what is the best way for me to present things? Or if it even matters.

So, to prevent this post from being entirely redundant, here is a picture of Sarah working on a Doctor Who spec script that she and Grace started talking about over the weekend.

Future writer at work.

 That's right everybody. My oldest daughters are now trying to write a script for television. Once they are done--and after I read through it--if I honestly feel it is warranted, I'll mail it to the BBC. Why not?

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