Monday, April 22, 2013

BEDA 18: Spoiler Alert

What do you want me to write about today?

I didn't really do much, looking back on the day as it was. I went to work as I normally do and I read emails, I tried to advance forward on the current project while successfully ignoring tasks on two others. I followed orders and frustrated others. I got frustrated myself. (I suppose I should be more of an active agent in things rather than serving as other people's mouthpiece--but that would probably require that a.) I was emotionally engaged in some of the things that I have to do and b.) I wasn't slipping more and more into a doldrum-ic state (who's about THAT for coining a phrase? anyone?)

(And isn't THAT entire last sentence a sorry admission of things?)

I left work early so that I could take Sarah to her orthodontist appointment. And then I spent the rest of the late afternoon with her and Hannah, fixing dinner, playing a bit with the kids in the backyard and then counting the hours until Lynda and I can relax a bit on our own before falling asleep and doing it all again tomorrow.

So . . . what do you want me to write about today?

If you clever, you can see what I don't write about between the lines of the poor words and phrases that I can squeeze out. And sometimes there is nothing interesting hiding there at all. Sometimes I am just sitting and typing and letting my fingers transcribe the jumble of words that are forming in my head with very little in the way of filter and only pausing to fix a typo resulting from my fumbling fingers. And the I pause to let my fingers and my arms rest and I'm left with the question rattling around in my brain.

What do you want me to write about today?

The inspiration for the title above was in the chance that I might be inspired to write something about last night's Game of Thrones episode or last night's Mad Men episode. But I don't have much energy (or any notes) to try and lay out all of the events that occurred. And besides--as the title suggests--you might not have seen them yet--or at all. And if you had, you've most likely turned to other professional recappers to lay out all of the themes and call backs* and subtext. I very likely could never approach that level of detail and thematic consistency, what with my not taking notes and all.

So . . . what do I write about today?

I'm officially out of ideas for now. My fingers are still and my mind is done spinning.

*Be honest. Raise your hand if you knew that when Don eavesdropped on Peggy's ketchup pitch, he (and you) recognized that the phrasing she used ("switch the conversation") was stolen directly from her master's mouth?**

**Also, be honest again . . . did you realize until this moment that I intentionally used the phrase master's mouth to simultaneously refer to Peggy's apprenticeship with Don and to hint to the famous RCA Victor ad campaign?

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