Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Snow Day? No Way!

If only today's snow day had been this threatening.

 The schools were closed today, as the storm predicted over the last few days finally arrived. But it was decidedly nonthreatening. Sure there was some snow--maybe three or four inches. But there wasn't a wind chill problem and the snow was already melting before lunchtime.

I guess it was worse in some of the outlying counties? But to my southern view, this was what northern winter and snow is supposed to look like, right? If something as ordinary as THIS shuts things down, then why is there any tax money for salt trucks, plows, Dual Doppler Street-Level radar, and everything else? Because, wherever I went today . . . this was nothing.

So, the kids got a free day and I split my day between the office and home and it was all rather pointless. I hope that wherever YOU were today, you were threatened and feared for your life and were truly concerned that this might be your last day on earth.

As for me? I'm now more worried that the state of my asphalt driveway is going to be more threatening to my future commutes than anything the weather systems might dream up. And I can only imagine how these lackadaisical standards are going to impact my kids education! Maybe they need to be home schooled by me and my cast off textbook draft manuscript pages that are being scribbled on by Hannah as scrap! (If they are going to be home anyway, then why not just take over? THINK of all the onerous tax money that we could save, right?)

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