Thursday, March 07, 2013


Look carefully; can you see the speck?

This picture doesn't really capture what I was trying to hastily get on my camera phone as I was leaving the office this evening, so I'll augment it with some necessary words.

The black spec you see approximately in the middle of the sky (to the left of the light pole) is a helicopter. And the helicopter flew from the city center, south of the office, right over my head, and then straight toward the new Cabelas outdoor sporting goods super store that had its Grand Opening today in the shopping center behind my office and across the interstate/

Normally, I wouldn't care--because I'm not a big outdoorsman and don't have need for such items that are sold at Cabelas. But judging by the steam, never-ending stream of cars exiting just outside my office window I am in the distinct minority. I was told the country music stars made some sort of appearance there today, as well as outdoor enthusiast celebrities (but why not this guy?) I was even told that people from that TV show Duck Dynasty showed up  . . . which I can't confirm . .  and I don't think I want to anyway.

I can only presume that the helicopter I took a picture of was delivering some famous outdoorsman to finalize the Grand Opening celebrations. (Perhaps you can suggest who YOU think it might have been in the comments?)

So, clearly big doins' were up in my work neighborhood. And everyone for 300 miles around set aside their day to get excited about new consumer possibilities and suchlike.

But I shouldn't judge, I guess. I remember being a kid in a small south Georgia town and getting super excited when the Winn Dixie (grocery store chain) got upgraded and the big draw was a real, live LOBSTER tank!!!! (I specifically rode my bike to go see the lobsters stumbling around in the murky water with those bring yellow rubber bands on their claws. I didn't buy anything, mind you . . . just went to see the lobsters in person.

So, yeah . . . I sort of get it. But also, wait . . . no! I don't get it. It's just a sporting goods store. And there is LOTS more to see and do on a random Thursday in March in Columbus, Ohio than there ever was to do in Tifton, Georgia back in the 1980s.

Go to the Zoo and see actual manatees. Go to the Metropolitan Museum or the Wexner Center museum on the OSU campus! Go to art galleries in the Short North. Try weird ice cream flavors at any of the Jeni's Ice Creams around the area. Set up your folding chair in the Short North and wait for them to open that grilled cheese restaurant Melt. Heck . . . acknowledge that today was an actual sunny day in late winter in the Midwest and it wasn't freezing and walk in any number of parks.

DON'T waste time in a bow and camo store waiting for (maybe) dudes in weird beards who aren't even ZZ Top!

Get it together everyone!

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