Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy 5th Hannah!

Here's a photo from a trip to Hocking Hills that we made when you were very young.
I don't remember much about my early life before the age of approximately five-years-old. So, Hannah, I don't know how much you will remember of the years you have lived before now. (And I'm sorry that I haven't done a very good job of chronicling these years in my blog. But there are history books and digital photos and videos for some of that I guess.)

What I hope you can remember, even in vague ways, is how much you have been loved. And I hope you know how much you have enriched our lives with your presence. Your laughter, your smile, your "anti-jokes," your questions, and even your stubbornness and kid-like confidence has made life much more interesting and more rewarding.

Very soon you will begin to step out and away, beginning that long voyage to be on your own. It starts with kindergarten (next fall!) and ends with a life firmly of your own making. But we will be here for as long as possible, providing you a touchstone and a place to return whenever you need to.

We all love you, today and every day.

Happy fifth birthday to you!

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